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The tool that manages your stress and workload: getting your work done, all of it, in time, and without stress!

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The tool to get things out of your head to be dealt with appropriately for instant stress relief and to prevent future stress.

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The most reliable tool to remind your future self of things from the past so your present self doesn't have to.

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Haskell Templates

Haskell project templates that save hours so you can start working on your brilliant business logic immediately.

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Social Dance

Find a place to dance tonight. Type in your location, press 'search', and scroll through the social dance parties in your area.

Latest Blogpost

Announcing conformance

This post announces the conformance library factored out from ical. It implements RFC 2119 in order to help you write implementations for other specifications. The conformance library exists to let you write a single parser that you can then run in multiple modes: strict and lenient.

Date 2023-11-09