What we do

The Worldwide Empathy for Medics (WEM), links medical staff and health workers with empathic listeners, recognising the urgent need for all round wellbeing and regeneration for carers.

Facing the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic we were united by our belief that being heard can be a liberating and empowering experience. This is why we want to offer what we can to those working in hospitals and clinics. Our vision is that medical caregivers worldwide can find an empathic listener 24/7, hoping this will support them in continuing their work and care and to stay physically and mentally healthy through all this.

Empathy means, for us, to listen to others with our whole being, without giving advice or aiming for a solution. This is why WEM does not offer therapy or counselling but people who listen whole-heartedly to anything that arises and requires a listening ear, from professional to private challenges and worries.

This service is free to use and open for you to use whenever and how often you want.

Who we are

WEM is a project initiated by Dr. Luc Peetermans, created and coordinated by Blabla-Foundation VZW in collaboration with an international support team.

Behind the scenes

Our coordination team is an international and multi-professional network consisting of Certified Trainers in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), psychologists, process facilitators, coaches, teachers, therapists, designers and admin support. Our coming together was inspired by our shared values. These include mutuality, honesty, freedom of choice and living, learning and leading with empathy. We have worked together previously on projects such as the Life-Enriching Education Lab, Visfera-Material and training programs like Who is training who? and NVC in Lightness and Depth. You can learn more about certification in NVC here.

On the phone

Our listeners are volunteers from all over the world. They are Certified Trainers in Nonviolent Communication or were personally recommended to us. This is one way we care for the quality and reliability of our service.

This is your WEM co-ordinating team: