Is this for me?

We imagine you might have some thoughts about calling...

Do I need to say who I am or where I am calling from?

No information from you is required, we do ask about where you are and so we can track our usefulness.

Do I have any costs when using the service?

No, this service is free to use- the listeners are volunteers. Before calling a mobile number in a different country, please consider the costs of international calls and whether the listener accepts international calls.

How does it work? How do I start?

Our listeners will know how to start. You are welcome however you show up.

How do I know, my problems are important enough to call this service?

Everything related to your everyday work in this Covid19-pandemic is welcome to be heard when you call our listeners. Maybe you are tired, fed up and overwhelmed with many hours of work and want to tell this to someone before you go home? Maybe something severe happened in your field of work today or weeks ago and this still burdens you. Maybe you have the sense your stress already has an effect on your family and you cannot talk about some work topics at home? Whatever is on your heart and connected to your work in the field of medical care is welcome to be heard by our listeners - may it seem big or small.

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What is empathy?

Our listeners practise a deep form of compassionate listening. We call it empathy and it is inspired by unconditional positive regard and creates a non judgmental space; another person present to how you are. They are all trained to hold space for you to be. Many of us have been practising for many years in schools, prisons, hospitals, within our own families and some of us with one to one clients. We see many benefits of empathy for carers:

  • Reduce stress
  • Preserve vital resources
  • Prevent overwhelm and exhaustion
  • Support self regulation, clarity
  • Support to engage with helpful behaviors for oneself and others
Then we can continue to build a world where there is enough for us all when needed.

I feel uncomfortable that I need help…

Maybe it is difficult to ask because you’ve never needed to before? Or is it difficult because it seems everyone else is coping? Sharing how you are can be a big step and we encourage you to reach out, even if it is something different or new. You and your needs are valuable and as valuable as everyone else. You are welcome to call.

Am I bothering the listener?

Our listeners offer to be present because it meets their needs to contribute. We trust every one of them to offer this service because they know they benefit from it too, one of them even told us this: “It gives me so much joy and even a sense of relief to be part of the WEM project. As I am daily alone in my house I can't begin to imagine what it is like for you on the front line. I long to be of service during this crisis, by holding a listening space for others. It gives my days meaning and purpose…..So know that by using the WEM service you are making my days more wonderful. I am here and long to be here for others, not to 'help' you, just to be alongside you with presence, heart to heart, human to human.”

I’m hesitant about talking to a stranger…

Maybe it is unusual to talk to, and receive kindness from a stranger? And we want to do things differently. One of our aims is to unite the world with empathy, our response to this crisis is to show that it is possible to reach out to one another, maybe in ways we have never done before. If we turned up in your health centre, hospital or in your pharmacy we know we would receive care from you. Let us offer the same welcome to you. We will end the call closer and no longer strangers.

How will talking help?

Maybe you are worried that it will be a waste of time? Or that you will get so lost in emotions that you cannot do your job? Our listeners are trained in empathy. People report that being heard in this way increases the space inside them to move on, to process what has happened to them. We want to enable you to find the inner resources to get on with your job.

“Time and again people transcend the paralyzing effects of psychological pain when they have sufficient contact with someone who can hear them empathically.” - Dr Marshall Rosenberg

Thank you for reading this far. These are some of our thoughts from our imagination and care. If other considerations come up for you, please let us know and we can learn from it. Email us

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